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OG kush seeds for sale

In brief, OG kush seeds for sale- OG Kush is an American marijuana classic, original from Southern California. And also having some of the world’s highest levels of THC. With a ratio of 55:45 sativa / indica, that strain does not pull any punches. Expect a rough, high mixed with extreme euphoria followed by severe couch-locking.

OG Kush’s cerebral boost is suitable for depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety whereas the high heavy body can aid with pain and nausea. Sometimes, OG Kush is for treating Alzheimer’s disease. The most common negative effects are the dry mouth and eyes, though headaches and anxiety are also likely.

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OG kush weed for sale

Moreover, this strain is a hybrid plant, possibly a descendant of a Chemdawg female plant and a Hindu Kush male one. OG Kush, which has caused countless strains on the West Coast, has an earthy, woody taste and a heavy pine scent. It is most common in California, the Northwest Pacific and Colorado.

Also, what is the “OG” standing for? No-one now seems to remember. Some think that means “Ocean Grown,” a Cali marijuana reference. Others believe “Original Gangster” means that.

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OG Kush is one of the loveliest varieties today.  Yet its genetics is somewhat a mystery. It’s thought to come from some bag seed from Florida and later grown by the people behind Imperial Genetics in California. The best guess is that this is a Chemdawg-Hindu Kush mix.

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Renowned for its euphoric, entertaining results. Most patients with attitude or chronic stress enjoy this tension for the happiness it creates. These positive, heady results come with a core high in Indica. While your mood may be light and airy, it is likely that your body will be on the couch.


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