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Jungle boys carts – In brief, as Cannabis almost ready to be legalize in California farmers are starting to make their imprint as their brand names on the market. And the Jungle Boys are one of the top brand names soon to be Omega Cannabis 420 Shop. In California, the Jungle boys have made a name for themselves.

By using sophisticated growing techniques they never thought of, such as harvesting plants by letting them die on the vines.

The Jungle Boys opened the first shop there in 2005 and have become the most sought-after varieties for true connoisseur of marijuana.

Generally, Jungle Boys is proud of their development and wants to make sure their genetics can be trackable. Back to the original breeder, from store to grower.


Jungle boys strains

At Jungle boys carts – the moment Sunday Driver and Wedding Cake are the most common strains. They ensure that all buds there are dried and cured for 14 to 16 days, and expect 5000 lights operations to operate by 2018. Just to give you an idea of what financial investments they are expecting to make.

It will cost about 1.5 million to start a 500-light service. Even so far, the Jungle boys go to combine their own nutrients, and never use commercial trimmers. Their buds are all cut by hand. We say that growers use trimmers sell commercial buds and that’s not what they’re doing.- Jungle boys carts


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